1836 England - 1893 Australia
The following details (including dates, places and names) have been collated from information garnered from various sources including indexes, websites, certificates, publications and fellow researchers.

They are presented with the best intentions.

1 Israel Grinham b. 03 Nov 1836 Charlton Adam,Somerset, England d. 14 Apl 1893 
  [son of Charles Grinham and Elizabeth nee Hockey]
  m. Margrey McNiel m. 27 Jul 1857 Sandford, Vic (from Lamont family bible)  
  b. 22 May 1839 Crieff, Scotland d. 26 Mar 1904 
     [daughter of John McNeil and Helen Roy]
    Headstone in Sandford cemetery states - Erected by Margrey in memory of her
    dearly beloved husband Israel Grinham, born Charlton Adam Somerset-shire
    England 3rd November 1836 died 14th April 1893. "Waiting and Watching for My
    Redeemer" Also their children Margaret Hellen born 18th May 1874 - aged 1
    month, also Catherine Louisa Colquhoun born 26th July 1878 - aged 6 months.
    Also his wife Margrey who died 26th March 1904 aged 61 years. GONE BUT NOT
    From TROVE - Portland Guardian (Vic. : 1876 - 1953) Friday 7 April 1893 OBITUARY In last
    issue We also hear that Mr. Isreal Grinham, of Casterton, died there on Wednesday.
    From TROVE - Portland Guardian (Vic. : 1876 - 1953)  Wednesday 26 April 1893  Death of Mr.
    GRINHAM. -- Our (Spectator) correspondent writes, under date, 21st. inst.: -"
    Over 40 buggies, besides a number of horsemen, followed the remains of the
    late Mr. I. Grinham (of Casterton) to the Sandford Cemetry. It was one of the
    largest funerals which ever went to the cemetery".
   2 John Grinham b. 10 Feb 1859 Sandford Vic d. 28 Aug 1941 Finley, NSW 
     m. Elizabeth Pike m. 20 Apl 1882 Balranald, NSW  
      3 Ann Margrey Grinham b. __ __ 1883 d. __ __ 1950 
      3 Israel Henry Grinham b. 06 May 1884 Balranald, NSW d. 12 Aug 1962 Canberra, ACT 
        m. Eveline Bessie Rosetta Makepeace m. 14 Dec 1906 Hillston, NSW  
           [daughter of John Makepeace and Catherine Keziah Rosetta]     
           [From J Reid email 2008 - William Makepeace (Eveline's Great grandfather) was found guilty of highway robbery in 1809 by the Worcester Assizes (ie circuit county
           court) sentenced to death, commuted to transportation for life.  He arrived 16 Dec 1810 in NSW as one of 200 male only prisoners 
           after 151 days of sailing on the "Indian".           
           Worked for Thomas Moore, the Liverpool Magistrate (sth west Sydney) and received Conditional Pardon and a 40 ac land grant in 1822.] 
           [From J Reid email 2008 Ann Terrett (Eveline's Great grandmother)was convicted on 1 May 1810 in the Gloucester Quarter Sessions court for larceny - occupation
           servant, and sentenced to 7 years transportation.  She was first sent to NSW aboard the "Emu" in 1812 but this ship was hijacked by
           an American privateer near the Cape Verde Islands off West Africa where she and the 40 other female only prisoners were put ashore.
           They remained there cared for by catholic nuns and picked up 12 months later.  They returned to Plymouth where they transferred to 
           the "Broxbournebury" and set sail without them putting a foot ashore.  They arrived in NSW as part of a group of 120 female only 
           prisoners after 156 days sailing on 28 July 1814.           
      3 Jersey Grinham b. 05 Mar 1893 Balranald, NSW d. 13 Sep 1977 Finley, NSW 
        Email from J Reid 2008 - Jersey served in WWI with the 1st Div Signal Engineers 1st AIF 
        and was decorated with the Military Medal (awarded in WWI to WO's and NCO's for 
        bravery in the field).  Like his brother Israel he was a country postmaster.
   2 Israel Grinham b. 23 Dec 1861 Sandford Vic 
     m. Catherine Jane Lewis m. 02 Feb 1887 Sandford, Vic  
     Birth Index Vic BDM Year 1860 Reg No. 20593
     Vic BDM Index Reg. 70
   2 Isabella Grinham b. 13 May 1863 Sandford Vic 
     m. Leon Nowacki m. 18 Sep 1883 Sandford, Vic  
     Vic BDM Reg. No 3468
   2 Charles Grinham b. 14 Aug 1865 
     m. Sarah Jane Lovell m. 23 Dec 1886 
     No Vic BDM entry located
   2 Jerrod Grinham b. __ __ 1867 Casterton Vic 
     m. Agnes Murphy m. 09 May 1894 
     J Smith shows name to be Gerald (2011)
   2 Margrey Grinham b. 22 May 1869 
     m. William W Rossi m. 21 May 1894 
     Not located on Vic BD&M
   2 Henry Alexander Grinham b. 09 Sep 1871 Bahgallah (Casterton) Vic 
      d. __ __ 1953 Ballarat, Vic. 
     m. [1] Elizabeth Bawden m. __ __ 1905 Bahgallah, Vic.  b. __ __ 1864 Coleraine, Vic. 
     d. __ __ 1922 Hamilton, Vic. 
        [daughter of John Charles Bawden and Julia Mary Murphy]
     m. [2] Mildred Millicent Florence Hunt m. __ __ 1929 Ballarat, Vic.  b. __ __ 1883 Carngham, Vic. 
     d. __ __ 1949 Ballarat, Vic. 
        [daughter of James Hunt and Maria Ann Lanham]
     J Smith shows dob as 9/9/1870
          Vic BDM states died Ballt age 83 - 1953 Reg. No. 19992 par. Israel and Marj Macneil
          Vic BDM Reg No. 5423 - also shows father as John Bawden mother as Julia (nee) Murphy
      3 Margaret Viola Grinham b. __ __ 1905 Casterton, Vic. d. __ __ 1984 Prahran, Vic. 
        m. John Neale 
      3 Alexandrina Grinham b. __ __ 1906 Casterton, Vic. 
        m. George Birnie          
      3 Alexander Roy Grinham b. __ __ 1907 Casterton, Vic. 
        m. Ellen D Smith           
      3 Henry McNeil Grinham b. __ __ 1908 Casterton, Vic. d. __ __ 1937 Heidelberg, Vic. 
        m. Marguarette Hindson b. __ __ 1901 Charlton, Vic. 
           [daughter of William Hindson and Elizabeth Clarkson]         
      3 John Halley Grinham b. __ __ 1910 d. __ __ 1978 
        m. Lavinia Rose Gellie m. __ __ 1933          
      3 Louis Maxwell Grinham b. __ __ 1931 Victoria 
        m. Margaret Mary Boehm m. __ __ 1952 b. __ __ 1936 
        Known as Max Grinham (From A Jarrad)
   2 Louis Edwin Grinham b. 21 Dec 1872 Sandford Vic 
     m. Catherine Mary Potter 
     Vic BDM Reg 1873 No. 12250
   2 Margaret Hellen Grinham b. 18 May 1874 d. __ Jun 1874 Carapook, Vic 
     Vic BDM 1874 - 6097 3 wks
   2 Roy McNiell Grinham b. 13 Sep 1875 Sandford Vic 
     m. Catherine Rigney m. __ __ 1913 
     Vic BDM Reg 18961
   2 Catherina Louisa Colquhoun Grinham b. 26 Jul 1878 d. __ __ 1878 Sandford Vic 
     Vic BDM died aged 18wks
   2 Frances Eva Grinham b. 15 Jan 1880 Casterton Vic 
     m. William Arthur Penny m. 28 Jul 1905 
   2 Margaret Jane Grinham b. 16 Mar 1883 Casterton Vic d. 15 Oct 1941 Melbourne, Vic 
     m. John Reginald Lamont m. 11 Nov 1903 Casterton, Vic  b. __ __ 1879 Inglewood, Vic 
     d. 29 Nov 1951 Blackwater, Qld. 
        [son of Herbert Lamont and Jane Down]
        John and Margaret had 4 daughters and 2 sons.

Names, dates and information are presented with the best intentions. Family history being what it is, although much time, effort and money is expended, we can never know it all!

Some of the above information is unsupported by certificates etc., and is shown in good faith having been obtained from fellow BAWDEN and GRINHAM researchers.

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