John KNIGHT was the eldest son of George Knight and his wife Mary Woodcock.

He was born c1828 in Berden, Essex, England and died 28 June 1897 Mudgee, NSW, Australia.

He married Sarah Dellow on 21 February 1853 in Clavering, Essex, England. Sarah was born 25 August 1827, also in Clavering. She died 22 August 1901 in Mudgee, NSW. Her parents were James Dellow and Maria Unknown.

Their first two children were born in Berden, Essex, England; Alice c1852 and Emily c1854, and emigrated with them aboard the ship "EUPHRATES" which arrived Sydney on 7 August 1855.

It appears the family settled in Braidwood - a town in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, in Palerang Shire. It is located on the busy Kings Highway linking Canberra to Batemans Bay on the coast; it is about 200 kilometres south west of Sydney and about 60 kilometres inland from the coast. Braidwood today (2011) is a service town for the surrounding region which is based on sheep and cattle grazing and forestry operations.

A further three children were born to John and Sarah - Mary Maria, James and John.

Their eldest daughter Alice Knight married William Wright in 1870 in Braidwood, NSW, while Emily married Henry Batchelor in Mudgee, NSW in 1881. Emily's husband Henry died 20 August 1910; Emily outlived her husband by 34 years - she died 16 October 1944 - they are both buried in Mudgee Primitive Methodist Cemetery, NSW.

headstone henry batchelor headstone emily batchelor
Henry Batchelor died 20/10/1910 - Emily Batchelor died 16/10/1944

Mary Maria Knight married George Cohen in 1880 in Mudgee, NSW - Maria died 22 October 1921 followed 26 years later by her husband George on 2 December 1947. Both are buried in the Mudgee Primitive Methodist Cemetery, NSW.

headstone mary and george cohen
Mary Maria Cohen died 22/10/1921 - George Henry Cohen died 2/12/1947
This grave obviously contains other family members

Photo was cropped as is when located on the cemetery website.

James Knight was born 1865 in Braidwood, NSW and died in 1868, just three years later; the family was still living in Braidwood, NSW, Australia.

John and Sarah's youngest son, John was born c1869 in Braidwood, NSW; he married Emily Agnes Palmer in 1901 in Mudgee, NSW. They had six known children - Bessie, Edna, Joan, a son who died as a babe, Phyllis and Gweneth Muriel (born c1918). Gweneth married Herbert Molloy in 1935 in Mudgee. Their marriage was shortlived however as Gweneth died in 1937 aged just 19. Her father John died on 25 April 1940; he also is buried in the Mudgee Primitive Methodist Cemetery, NSW.

headstone john knight husband of Emily palmer
Gweneth Molloy (nee Knight) died 20/10/1937
Her father John Knight died 25/4/1940

James Knight was the third child and youngest son of George and Mary. He was born c1830 in Berden, Essex, England and died 1866 in Braidwood, NSW

He married Lyddia Piggott on 3 February 1855 in Clavering, Essex, England. Lyddia was born c1835, also in Clavering. Her parents were John Piggott and Rebecca Unknown.

They had not long been married when they boarded the same ship as James' brother John, wife Sarah and daughters, the "EUPHRATES" which as stated above arrived Sydney on 7 August 1855.

James and Lyddia had four children - John born c1859 who married Emily Shipway in 1881 - William born 1861, married Susan Phillips in 1905 in Bega, NSW, and died 1929 in Gosford, NSW - Rebecca born c1863 who married George Nicholls in 1882 in Braidwood and Sarah who was born c1865 and died just a few years later in 1871. All children were born in Braidwood, NSW.

Following the death of James in 1866 Lydia remarried to Thomas Peace - they had 4 daughters - Margaret, Lydia, Mary Jane and Reubena.

The above details (including dates, places and names) have been collated from information garnered from various sources including indexes, websites, certificates, publications and fellow researchers. Some of the details were supplied by KNIGHT and RICKETTS descendants with follow-up research conducted to verify the facts where possible.

Names, dates and information are presented with the best intentions. Family history being what it is, although much time, effort and money is expended, we can never know it all!

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