The following details (including dates, places and names) have been collated from information garnered from various sources including indexes, websites, certificates, publications and fellow researchers. Some recent details were supplied by a researcher on Caroline WOLFF's line and until contact was received from this researcher it had been presumed that Caroline's only mariage had been to Hans Thomas Isaachsen.

Further information is available on the ISAACHSEN, KORBER and SCHLEICHER family lines, but as I am mainly concerned with the SCHUETZE family I have included only a brief precis.

A daughter of Conrad Wolf and Mrs Wolf, Caroline Henriette was Christened as Henriette Caroline Wolff.
(I have one entry stating DOB as 20 Aug 1825 another stating DOB 29 August 1823).
Her Godparents were Peter Westelius, Georg Heinrich Hellmann, Carl Heinrich and Erdmann Grau
(Source: Christenings, St Petri, 1825, No 237).

Caroline Henriette Wolff had 3 marriages -

1) Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Ernst SCHLEICHER - m. 06 May 1845 St Michaelis, Hamburg, Germany.
2) Hans Thomas ISAACHSEN - m. 15 May 1860 St Andrews Church, Adelaide, South Australia.
3) Friedrich Heinrich Conrad David KORBER - m. 02 Apl 1863 St Andrews Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

Friedrich and Caroline SCHLEICHER had a son Frederick Ferdinand Martin SCHLEICHER b. 9 May 1846 in Hamburg, Germany.
The couple emigrated to Australia arriving Pt Adelaide, South Australia in 1848 on "LEONTINE".
For reasons not known their son did not make the voyage with them.
Caroline was pregnant and a daughter Leoniline Johanne was born during the voyage.
She died soon after arrival in Australia.
The couple returned to Germany and once again travelled to South Australia, in 1850 on the same ship, this time bringing their son Frederick aged 4/5 with them.
NOTE: A most interesting tidbit of information is that Hans Thomas Isaachsen was also a passenger on the same ship, on both voyages....!
Caroline began a relationship with Hans ISAACHSEN, bearing him 5 children prior to their marriage in 1860.
Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Ernst SCHLEICHER - Caroline's first husband - was still living; he left Australia and was married in England to Henriette Auguste STARKE December 1863 - London City Vol 1c Book 227
It is thought they returned to live in Germany and had three children, two of whom died.
At this stage I have nothing further on them.

Frederick Ferdinand Martin SCHLEICHER born 9 May 1846 in Hamburg (son of Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Ernst SCHLEICHER and Caroline nee WOLFF) also returned to England where he married Jun Qtr 1879 Harriet Emily WOOLSTON b. Sep Qtr 1845 Wellingborough, Northampton.

Frederick, by the time of his 2nd marriage, had added THORNTON to his name (at this stage there is no known explanation for this action), and he went on to great things in the Church in England.

NOTE: following details are from:

The Rev. Canon Frederick Ferdinand Martin Schleicher Thornton, born 1845, was Honorary Canon of Ely and J.P. for the county of Cambridge. He was also Chairman of Guardians and District Council. His residence was Shudy Camps Hall which stands in Bartlow, Cambridgeshire. He was a member of the Royal Societies. Educated at Trinity College, Dublin. His career covered being Curate of Ringmere, 1872; Vicar of Preston Deanery, Nortants, 1874; Vicar of St. Sepulchre's, Northampton, 1879; Rector of Downham, Isle of Ely, 1892. He travelled in Europe, Australia, North and South America, Canada, and North Africa. His hobbies being history and travelling. He died at Shudy Camps, 1938.

grave ffms thornton grave of he thornton
L-R: Grave of F F M S Thornton d. 1938 and his wife H E Thornton d. 1918
St Mary's Church, Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, England
(Photos used with permission from Martin Edwards, EnglandGenWeb Project)

Hans ISAACHSEN died in 1861 in Victoria and Caroline married again in 1863 to Friedrich KORBER (her 1st husband was still living).

She and Friedrich KORBER had 3 children who all died as babies.

Friedrich KORBER died 1886 in Gladstone, Port Augusta, South Australia and is buried in Port Augusta cemetery.


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